Journeying to India, Monk Tang and his disciples Monkey, Pig, and Sha-jing have just found a quiet temple to rest in when they learn that a powerful river monster has been demanding all the food in the area, year after year. Searching for the surprising secret of the monster’s formidable power takes the disciples over the Ice River, down to its bottom, and up to the heavens. Madeleine Beresford and Margaret Moody use traditional Bu Dai Xi puppets and choreography in their lively presentation of this episode from the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. Accompanied by original music. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

The Banana Princess

Monk Tang and his disciples find their path to India blocked by a blazing fire mountain. Only a magical fan owned by the powerful Banana Princess can put out the fire, but she doesn’t want to lend it. The disciples use their powers of transformation and persuasion before finally winning the fan. “The Banana Princess” is performed with traditional puppets and choreography. The show is 40 minutes long and features original music by Craig Gordon. Best for ages 5 through adult.

Shlemiel Crooks

Magic combines with the real-life story of Anna Olshwanger’s great-grandparents, which Galapagos Puppet Theater adapted from her book, Shlemiel Crooks. In this tale, the prophets Elijah and Miriam, a talking horse, and noisy neighbors of Reb Elias save his store’s Passover wines from bumbling thieves. Told with a Yiddish storyteller’s voice and handmade puppets, Shlemiel Crooks evokes life in 1919 St. Louis as well as the world of daring Israelites, who escaped across the desert 3,000 years ago. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

The Monkey King brandishes his baton in pursuit of the monsters who have snatched his master, the monk Tang. Will Monkey and his fellow disciples rescue Tang from the fire-breathing monsters who want to eat him? “Fire Cloud Cave” is an episode of the Chinese epic Journey to the West, performed with Chinese hand puppets and traditional choreography. The show is 30 minutes long and features original music by Craig Gordon. Best for ages 4 through adult.

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