Galapagos Puppet Theater
Greater NY Area Solo Shows
Madeleine Beresford

Madeleine performs solo shows for schools, libraries and theaters. She also teaches one-day workshops, where children learn to build puppets and develop characters; and longer-term residencies, where they create puppet plays. Madeleine's students have made parade puppets, life-size puppets and hand-and rod-puppets. For more information, please contact Madeleine at

A seawitch gives Crab advice


Crab Tales is about a grouchy crab who doesn’t think he’s beautiful. He wishes he had bright colors and stripes like the fish and seashells. Eventually, with the help of Jollyfish, Seawitch and the children in the audience, he travels to the Sun to find his own true colors. She tells him that A Fishhis beauty exists deep inside himself, and he simply must believe in himself. At the end of the show, a transformed crab appears, dancing with the fish and the audience. Ages 3 to 8

The Monsoon Monster


The Monsoon Monster focuses on a little monster who tries to make friends, but invariably scares people. In his loneliness, twin devils befriend him and lead him to the Master of Meanness, a shark. The shark proves too mean for the monster, who decides that he wants to be sweet after all. A battle ensues—Meanness versus Sweetness. The children in the audience blow kisses to help Sweetness, the shark slithers off and the monster ends up victorious. Now all the creatures want to be his friend. Ages 2 to 7

Mack, a character in Razzmedoodle


Razzmedoodle tells the story of Razz, a bird with stunning colors. She is an individual who stands out, and her subdued neighbors resent her. In an effort to get rid of the distraction in their midst, the other birds suggest that Razz fly south to the tropics. She does, and has some enriching experiences along the way. When she returns home, she discovers that both she and the other birds have changed. Razz’s old neighbors missed the brightness and color she added to their lives. They are happy to see Razz and the unusual way she flies. Now, when Razz and her neighbors fly together, it is like a soloist with an orchestra. Ages 3 to 10

Contact for Galapagos and solo shows:

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